About the Photographer

Bob began scuba diving in the early 70’s in the waters around New England. His first experience with coral reefs was during a trip to Pennekamp State Park off Key Largo, Florida. The contrast between the hardy and muted New England ocean waters and the wildly colorful tropical water was incredible. He began taking underwater photographs about 30 years ago to capture this beauty.

Bob began to notice significant changes in the reefs over the years. Areas of dead coral were expanding. He then realized that this beauty was very fragile. Pollution and warming ocean temperatures are damaging this underwater world. Unfortunately, most people never get to see this magical world and being out of sight it is often out of mind. It is Bob’s desire that his photographs will in some small way increase our awareness of what a treasure exists under our oceans.

Bob’s undersea photographs consist of those that are natural underwater scenes and those that he features a particular sponge or coral with a species of fish. The latter allows the viewer to focus on and better appreciate the unique organisms that are underwater and the wide color pallets of these creatures.

After buying a home on Martha's Vineyard, Bob began photographying the coast and expanded his portfolio to include scenes “by the sea” in addition to the “undersea”.

The "chop" or logo ( 魚 ) is the Japanese Kanji for "fish".  Bob's daughter Becky spent her junior year of college in Japan and suggested using it.  The chop is embossed on all of the printed photographs.